Daphne and Gloria were first introduced to eachother at a finishing school in Geneva in the years following the second world war. Both the ladies have acknowledged that the other left little impression on them at the time. In later years they were to meet again at an assortment of charity luncheons and slowly their first impressions were replaced with a jovial cordiality that could have been mistaken for friendship. Over the following years they have discovered a wealth of common interests and attitudes that led to the exchange of Christmas cards. This exchange of mutual goodwill along the rocky path of their lives has formed a firm and enduring frienship.

This website is their second joint project. Their earlier venture in social hospitality resulted in a number of their single friends finding life partners. They hope that this new venture will bring similar long lasting pleasure to unknown millions. The earlier venture was discontinued when it was suggested that their efforts had led to a sudden boost in procreation and possibly to some localised immorality. Both friends strenuously deny any intention to subvert proper social conventions.

This website has had a difficult birth but it allows them to share their diverse horticultural passions and abilities with a wider audience. They are both confident that they can consign early troubles to the dustbins of history and move on. In particular they are pleased to have regained control of the site from a gang of Taiwanese schoolchildren who hacked into their server and were using the site as a cover for their underage share dealing.

My life seems to be filled with lovely adventures, and here I go again on another one. My dear friend Gloria has asked me to join her in a delightful expedition to discover the worldwide web and I am filled to the brim with gleeful anticipation as we build this website together.
To be entirely honest, this is not a new website. My lovely friend has been keeping a photographic record of her gardening expeditions for many years and some of her pictures were published by her ex-husband Hector. We have all learnt some important lessons, and it is time to put the past behind us and move forward.
Initially Gloria's interests were stimulated by art in gardens, with special emphasis on Greek statues and reproductions. Laterly her camera has wandered to the plants and we find ourselves wedded in our determination to bring these pictures to a wider audience.
My role in our venture is to prepare the web-pages for publication and to deal with the administrative tasks that arise. I have now passed the first fragrant inhalations of youth and sometimes I get into trouble with the new technology. I am assisted by my step-grandson Clafel (I divorced the husband but kept the family, which was a delightful outcome). He is a fine young man now and I am touched by his constant kindness to his Gran. Whenever I get stuck he seems to have a ready supply of lubricant and I feel I must acknowledge his help and record my deep gratitude.
We would be pleased to hear from you. Messages to either of us can be sent to

Daphne Aichi.

I feel as though I have been released from a small cardboard box wrapped in sticky tape, and I have my friend Daphne to thank. My husband Hector introduced me to photography shortly after we were married and for many decades it was a source of great comfort. I would wander alone through gardens and find delight in the captured images.
During the protracted negotiations that surrounded our divorce he claimed that as the motivational force behind my work as a photographer, he owned the copyright. He claimed that as my husband, under common law he owned all products of my labour. As legal costs rose on both sides I realised that I was purchasing my freedom from him at a rate of 1375.69 per pound (deadweight). This is more than he was worth in my opinion. In the early years of our marriage I came to regret the 690 (approx) of him that I once valued.
In the end we arrived at a compromise in the interests of economy. I allowed him full use of my early photographs of Greek Statues. He agreed with unexpected enthusiasm and I am happy to put it all behind me. It seems that he is as well.
My photographs are gleaned from the nooks and crannies of some of our lovlier gardens. I am so grateful for the kindness of the many private and public owners who have allowed me to explore and record their creations.
Most importantly I feel I must express the unfathomable depth of my affection and gratitute to Daphne who makes things possible with boundless enthusiasm. She has a very special place in my heart.