The Alpine Gardens Society Show, Exeter. 29.03.14

There is something quite wonderful about the arrival of spring and the AGS show at Exeter. We were unable to get to Loughborough because Gloria was feeling a little infirm so we stayed at home and made soup that was almost inedible in the event.
Exeter is filled with enthusiasm, in a new hall and it has shrugged off all thoughts of winter.

Exeter features a large display of arts and pictures related to alpine gardening. Gloria describes it as Pixie-lation but she secretly admires some of the needlework (don't give her a needle unless you wish to spend an hour on the carpet with a magnet).

This is Cassiope 'Muirhead' tumbling energetically within its pot like one of those tiny water features that endlessly recirculates water around a tiny fountain in a pot. However, this is lovely.
They always remind me of Scotland, though the most impressive ones I have seen were in Surrey.

Dionysia are classic plants of alpine plant shows, and this is the most circular bun of flowers that I have seen outside of a wedding. Gloria wanted to stand on the table to photograph it from above, but she was restrained and then she sulked. Neither required a great effort.

This is the wonder of these great shows, tables of the most splendid plants at the peak of their perfection. I am sure we have all been shown alpine gardens out of season that are the apple of their owners eye. Yard after yard of grey stone punctuated with dusty undistinguished plants. Well, this is the point of all that drabness.

Epimedium wushanicum 'Spiny Leaved Form' quivered like a perfect summer jelly on a picnic table. A delightful thing.

Erythronium seem to be becoming more popular every year. This lovely pink form of E. revolutum is called 'God's Valley'. The leaves are especially beautiful.

The afternoon sunlight catches this hall in a lovely way. The show has had a gentle buzz of companionship all day and we leave feeling enriched.

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