Bournemouth Orchid Society Show. 31.03.19.

Gloria has been yearning for some exotic action in her life. It isn't something you could tell from her appearance or behaviour, you just have to know.

We visited Bournemouth Orchid Society Show, celebrating its 60th anniversary this year in the magnificent setting of Highcliffe Castle.

In a large and impressive venue it was very cheering to see that it managed to be an inclusive social event as well as an extraordinary spectacle.

A wide range of orchid societies gathered together to mount displays and they have never looked so well as they did in these well appointed surroundings.

As always the very best orchids in the country emerged from their greenhouses for a moment in the limelight.

Traders also assembled from around the world. This orchid nursery from Taiwan brought some sensational plants at very reasonable prices and did a brisk trade.

Hardy orchids were also well represented, these Calanthe are not the easiest plants to grow but these prospering plants were in early bud and looked set to give a great display through the summer.

Gloria went away bubbling with excitement, though once again you couldn't have told so from her appearance or behaviour. You just have to know.

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